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Reasons Why An Office Smells and How to Deal with It

Updated: Feb 2

Every place like your home or office has a smell and usually gets used to that scent after a while. But when something smells not really nice, we notice it immediately. At home, it’s usually easy to distinguish what smells from trash, pets, and toilets. It goes the same for the office environment, the only difference is, that we can hardly tell where it’s coming from. Let us guide you figure out what’s smelling bad in your office and how you can handle them.

The Food

Foul smelly order from the microwave, leftover food over months in the fridge? A moldy sandwich from the desk? These situations can cause a little conflict in the office. According to some surveys, employees admit they mostly eat at their desks especially when they are busy.

Sticky food stuck in the wood or fabric can leave a foul odor so it’s always best to eat in a canteen or pantry. If it is unavoidable, encourage to practice a good cleaning habit and get everyone on board to do the same.


The office kitchen sink is one of the busiest sinks in the world, it’s no wonder it can get foul smelly order. The blockage in the sink is usually the cause of this smell. The best prevention is always clear the dishes, and any debris should go directly in the bin. It’s also recommended to pour boiling water down the drain once in a while and let it sit for 10 mins. This should freshen up the sink nicely.


Wet weather and liquid spill can contribute to the nasty odors of the carpets. Vacuum cleaning won’t be able to take it away, but a cleaning solution like baking soda can help eliminate the bad smell. Let it sit for as long as possible. If baking soda is still ineffective, try our office cleaning services, which use a powerful and professional method to restore fresh office smells and get rid of lingering odors.

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