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When you know its time to let your Office Cleaning Company go.

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

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Office Cleaning

Has service from your office cleaning company gone steadily downhill? Or maybe it’s been a disaster from day one. Is is time to find another commercial cleaning service and let your current one go, but you just haven’t gotten around to doing it? Maybe you tell yourself, what is the alternative anyway? Aren’t all cleaning companies going to offer roughly the same level or lack of service as the one you have now? Or maybe you think that to get the upgrade you need in your office cleaning it would cost you an arm and a leg?

Is Your Office Cleaning Company on the Chopping Block?

With even the best, most responsive and professional janitorial companies, you won’t get services that are 100% perfect or go smoothly 100% of the time. After all, office cleaning services are delivered by people not robots (yet). But when small mistakes become big mistakes become real, daily problems, it might be time to cut your office cleaning company loose. If you have given your commercial cleaning service an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and do better and well, they just aren’t, it’s likely time to say enough is enough and move on.

Common Commercial Cleaning Problems That Cause the Most Problems

What are some of the common cleaning problems that keep your facility from looking and running its best and even reduce the value of what you are getting?

Is Your Cleaning Company On Top of It With Their People & People Processes?

Service businesses rely on the people as the face of their company. It’s these people that go out into the field and YOUR office each day or night to clean your facility. These people are trusted to not only do a good job, but be a safe and secure presence in your building. So, if your janitorial services company is guilty of poor employee screening, illegal subcontracting and under-the-table payment that can negatively impact you, it might be time for them to get the axe. Taking these illegal and often dangerous shortcuts says a lot about the culture of the company and thus the quality of cleaning you are receiving. Further, companies that take said shortcuts in one place are more likely to take shortcuts everywhere.

Training & Professionalism

Being an effective janitorial service, especially with the rapid pace of industry wide technical innovation, requires an unprecedented degree of know-how and training. No matter if you want green cleaning practices implemented or are just looking for straight forward, no nonsense office cleaning, you need an Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois cleaning company that provides consistent and proven training to its frontline staff so they know what needs to get done and how to do it. A professional cleaning company finds and hires very good people and then good training takes good people and makes them great! Further, better trained employees are often happier and more fulfilled making it a win for both your staff and you.

Is a Lack of Responsiveness & Regular Indifference Telling?

Not every janitorial service provider has the metaphorical “complaint box”. Or, perhaps they “take” complaints but nothing ever gets done with the information. If you’ve been brushed off one too many times or you’ve tried your best to communicate with your cleaning company and never gotten a workable response, it might be time to start looking for a new janitorial company.


Anyone can get lucky once and a while and your cleaning company is no exception, but ask yourself this, are they delivering solid service on a consistent basis? Or is your Livonia office cleaning service hit or miss? No matter what you budget happens to be, you should always receive a service that is commensurate of what you’re paying for.

They Just Don’t Care

Apathy is all too common when it comes to commercial cleaning. For every janitorial company that is professional and offers a solid value for their services, there are probably 50 that don’t. They may have started with good intention but many cleaning companies simply don’t care about their employees, or the quality of service they deliver. If you have an apathetic cleaning company, you have no other choice but to release them. It can be challenging finding another company to do the job correctly and professionally, but having an apathetic company and not having a company at all are often one in the same. Don’t waste your already tight budget on a company that isn’t interested in delivering the level of service you and your facility deserve.

Janitorial Companies that Make the Cut

It can be tough to find a professional commercial cleaning company, especially when there are so many more cleaning companies that deserve the axe. But the work and effort you put into finding a real ally in your facility maintenance is worth the challenge. There are companies out there that conduct thorough background checks, use proven training techniques and manage in such a way so as to provide the highest quality of service. These experienced companies know how to deal with reduced budgets and can help to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

How do you find these companies? The first way is by talking to other Facility Managers. Let their experience and sometimes even trial and error benefit you. Or if you don’t know anyone that you can ask, start looking at your prospective janitorial companies pricing, employee screening and training to see if they’ll fit in your facility. Any company worth their salt won’t just say they do it, they’ll back it up.

We have 38+ years of experience assisting customers to determine the best solutions within a specified budget that will provide the necessary services to properly care for the facility and its occupants. Contact us for a comprehensive comparison to your current commercial cleaning services.


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