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Cleaning & Disinfection Services How do they stand up to Today's Challenges

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Cleaning Disinfecting Services
Cleaning Disinfecting Services

The cornerstone of a health based cleaning program is consistency. There is no way to completely eliminate the bacterial and viral load inside of your facility, only tools by which to drastically reduce it. If your janitorial services company is lacking in consistency, however, the once minimal risk presented by the pathogens in your building could pose a substantial threat.

Now more than ever your commercial janitorial service provider needs to be providing a rock solid commercial disinfection program to protect your staff and customers alike. The reality of the situation is that it only takes one improperly cleaned or neglected surface to leave you and your facility vulnerable to a COVID-19 outbreak. If your janitorial disinfection company isn’t or hasn’t been providing a professional, effective and consistent service it is time to consider a different provider.

In the Age of Covid, Janitorial Services Must Be Consistent & Effective with Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

All too often Facility Managers find that their office cleaning services start out strong but over time that quality may dip drastically. Many of these Facility Managers are forced into the “it is good enough” mentality choosing to deal with inconsistent service rather than looking for a new service provider. This, however, is a luxury that we can no longer afford. In the midst of a pandemic, your facility, regardless of what it does, needs consistent service with special attention paid to health based cleaning and disinfection.

What should you look for in commercial janitorial services or restroom disinfection services when it comes to consistency? It all boils down to accountability mechanisms. Any service provider is well aware of the fact that their frontline staff isn’t infallible and has accountability systems in place to check their work and to correct issues as they arise. These systems should include open lines of communication and maximized technology so that problems can be addressed before they spiral out of control. Quality assurance applications are one of the best ways to markedly increase consistency in any service, cleaning and disinfection.

Janitorial Services Do Not Have to Cost A Fortune

The best commercial cleaning companies know that clear, reasonable prices are what drives long term business. Many Facility Managers are lured by the empty promises of cheap janitorial companies that make their money from up charging their clients and neglecting critical aspects of their work. These “industry professionals” are looking for little more than a short term contract and a quick paycheck. The most professional, effective commercial janitorial companies will always offer a clear and understandable bid outlining exactly what you are paying for and where the prices are coming from. These are the companies that are looking to work with you in a long and mutually beneficial business relationship. Likewise, these are the same companies that are going to give you a clear plan of approach to proper COVID-19 disinfection procedures and emergency response plans. Before going into business with any Iowa janitorial company, you should know exactly what services you are receiving and exactly how much strain they are going to put on your budget.

Covid Adds Complexity

COVID-19 has created uncertainty for all of us, at home, in the workplace, out and about. With continually evolving guidelines and recommendation on the virus, it can be challenging to formulate a reasonable plan to protect our staff and customers from the risks associated with infection. That is why it is absolutely critical that we use the information that we do have and implement the safeguards that we know mitigate risk. Proper implementation of CDC and EPA guidelines helps provide a safer, healthier workplace. Do not live with unnecessary risk - now is the time to partner with a commercial disinfection service that is going to take the health of your building seriously and implement the industry's best practices to combat the threat of coronavirus.

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