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Does your Commercial Cleaning Service deliver Value?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Does your Commercial Cleaning Service add up.
Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning Impacts Your Bottom Line Regular cleaning and maintenance is not so much of a cost as it is a crucial component of keeping your building running efficiently and smoothly. Not only does it keep your building looking its best, but it also keeps important assets functioning longer and contributes to your bottom line. Quality cleaning impacts a number of important aspects of your building and business. For instance:

  • Employee Engagement: A well cleaned building communicates to your employees that you expect quality work in every aspect of your business.

  • Absenteeism: Buildings that are properly disinfected and cleaned for health have fewer issues with absenteeism stemming from illness.

  • Productivity: Reduced absenteeism and increased employee engagement means a better environment for getting quality work done faster.

  • Sales: Conscious or not, customers make judgments based on how your building looks, a clean building is the first step toward making a good impression.

When you consider these factors together, it is easy to see why a professional commercial cleaning company can add significantly to your bottom line. Some of these key areas may not seem all that important, after all, how important could preventing absenteeism really be? Pretty important when you consider that businesses lose an average of $225 billion dollars every year from illness related absenteeism alone. A simple change in your commercial cleaning services can add up to real savings at the end of the day. Is Your Commercial Janitorial Service Meeting Your Most Critical Needs? There are significant differences in janitorial services and what various services commercial cleaning companies will provide. An experienced provider that offers an umbrella of related building services can add tremendous value to your facility. What services might you expect from a professional commercial cleaning service?

  • Industrial janitorial services

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Restroom sanitation services

  • Window washing

  • Green cleaning

  • Hard surface floor care

  • Medical office cleaning

  • School cleaning services

  • Pressure washing

  • Commercial floor cleaning

  • Day porter services

Any commercial janitorial service provider that knows what they are doing can keep your facility looking clean all while safeguarding the health of your employees, tenants and customers. What Sets Industry Professionals Apart? Unfortunately, finding a commercial cleaning service offers consistency and value can be difficult. The cleaning marketplace is overcrowded with service providers that don’t understand or choose not to follow industry best practices, making it challenging to find the right janitorial maintenance company for your building. It can be easy to labor under the assumption that cleaning is a simple, straightforward task and that there shouldn’t be any real difference between prospective cleaning companies. In fact, the opposite is true, effective commercial cleaning requires skill, training and systems. Here are some areas that set industry professionals apart from the rest:

  • They use a color-coded cloth cleaning system to stop cross-contamination. The last thing you want is the bathroom rag being used in the kitchen or dining area.

  • They take advantage of green cleaning solutions to provide a more sustainable, healthy clean.

  • A heavy emphasis is placed on areas that receive a lot of traffic, touch points, so that they don’t become a haven for disease causing bacteria and other pathogens.

  • They are aware of the specific compliance and regulatory issues of your industry in order to provide an effective, safe service.

  • Cleaning is done to make things look nice, and to reduce the bacterial load in your facility. Health is just as important as appearance in any type of building.

  • They are aware of industry best practices and take every chance they are given to innovate and improve them.

Finding the right Commercial Cleaning Service can be over whelming. But partnering with the right professional service provider can make all the difference on if your cleaning company is a financial burden or benefit.


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