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How's your Office Cleaning?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

How's your Office Cleaning?
How's Your Office Cleaning?

Why Office Cleaning Companies So Often Disappoint

You hire an office cleaning service in the hopes that they will handle this area of your facility without micro managing needed from you. In fact, that’s supposed to be one of the benefits of outsourcing your commercial cleaning right? So you do the work and contract for office cleaning hoping you will end up with one of the pros who delivers on their promises of responsive, effective commercial office cleaning services. So when hope turns to disappoint after you begin to realize your office cleaners are not delivering, it’s frustrating. And maybe as a Facility Manager, this has happened to you more than once. We talk to a lot of Facility Managers that are frustrated that finding a solid, professional office cleaning company that does what they promise seems so elusive. After a few failures, it can even start to feel like maybe all office cleaning services are the same. The good news is they aren’t all the same, the bad news is there’s enough subpar office cleaning companies out there that finding the gems of the bunch isn’t easy.

Are Your Office Cleaning Services Failing to Deliver?

There are many different companies that make up the industry, ranging in type, size and years of experience. One of the challenges in finding the right commercial office cleaning service is the sheer number of startups, fly-by-night operations, and small companies trying to grow outside of their markets-- that can flood the market. Listen, every business has to start somewhere but in the bid to grow, too many office cleaning companies bite off far more than they can chew with accounts that are too large and too complex for them to properly service. Professional office cleaning services take time to hone, adjust and perfect their services and the reality is that you don’t really want your facility to be the guinea pig for a cleaning company that is stretching beyond their core competencies. Why? In part these cleaning companies and startups promise way more than they can deliver by inaccurately estimating the work required in your facility. Once they get the contract, they tend to grasp that there is far more work than they planned for. So what is the result? One, they come back and ask for more money or two, they just do less. Either way, you and the level of maintenance in your facility suffer.

How Office Janitorial Services Manage Those Low-Low Prices

While the saying “you get what you pay for” isn’t always true, there is at least some truth to it. While quality isn’t precisely correlated with price, good work means good people and the right amount of hours allocated, and that costs money. The single greatest cost with professional office cleaning is labor, the office cleaners themselves. If an office cleaning company comes back with a janitorial bid or quote that seems significantly lower than most, there is likely something amiss. They might be:

1) Underestimating the hours needed to complete the promised work. Typically the office cleaners will cut corners and not deliver on what was promised or ask for more money later on or add unplanned charges and extras.

2) Reducing pay and wages to below market value. This increases janitorial turnover creating service and safety headaches. And consequently, lower than norm pay will so often attract a lower qualified employee who isn’t being hired elsewhere.

3) Illegally pay employees as subcontractors to avoid paying taxes and insurance.

Can You Find Commercial Office Cleaning That Really Gets It?

Paying a high price for your office janitorial services is no guarantee of amazing service, but paying too little is likely to leave you disappointed. So what’s a Facility Manager to do? Look for good deals over great deals. The goal should be real value built into a price that fits your budget. Look for clear, transparent pricing and janitorial quotes that are very, very specific. Specific, clear janitorial quotes allow you to compare multiple office cleaning services in a meaningful way. And look for commercial cleaning companies that have a culture that supports their employees as this directly spills over into the level of service you receive and even reduces janitorial turnover further netting you reliable, responsive office cleaning services. Janitorial services rest on labor and training ,so is your prospective office cleaning service finding, screening, qualifying, training, managing and rewarding their office cleaners? Companies that put resources into these important areas of their business aren’t going to give you quotes at the bottom of pricing, but they will likely deliver a level of service that affords you the value you are looking for in your facility. Contact us to assist in determining the best solutions for your facility needs.


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